Quick Answer: How To Use Aqua Vu Tripod?

How do you charge Aqua-Vu?

To charge the battery use the battery charger that came with your Aqua-Vu. Recharge the battery by plugging the barrel connector, on the end of the charger, into the battery charging port on the back of the monitor. Plug the charging unit into a 120 VAC power source.

Whats better Aqua-Vu or Marcum?

Overall, Aqua-Vu cameras are cheaper and easier to use than Marcum models, which makes them a great choice for beginners. On the other hand, Marcum cameras provide a significantly better image during low light conditions, or in murky water, which makes them the better choice for dedicated ice anglers.

What is a Mo pod?

The Aqua-Vu® Mo-Pod 3 is a motorized ice pod that holds your underwater camera stable at any depth, and allows you to rotate the camera with a wireless remote control to follow the ice fishing action or locate your lure. Feet are adjustable for use over an ice hole up to 15″ in diameter.

Where is Aqua Vu made?

The Central Minnesota based company builds many popular outdoors products, including Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing Systems and the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera.

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