How To Replace Batteries In Stanley 95-155 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight?

How do you change the batteries in a Blumaxx flashlight?

Hope you figured this out, but for future folk: remove bottom cap, slide out battery holder. Loosen 3 teeny screws on holder, exchange batteries, replace holder & end cap. Voila!

Does putting batteries in the freezer work?

While cold environments help maintain battery life, refrigerators and freezers are not safe to put batteries in. The moist environment will cause condensation on the batteries. This in turn will lead to rust or other damage. Avoid putting batteries under extreme temperatures at all times.

What is the correct way to put batteries in?

Always insert the batteries with the positive and negative pole in the correct direction. Inserting batteries the wrong way is dangerous. Take special care with devices with three or more batteries.

How do you know which way to put batteries in?

Insert the battery with the positive side facing up unless directed otherwise. If you don’t see any markings on your device, you should assume that the positive side of the battery should be face-up.

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