FAQ: How To Get Stunning Photos Of Antelope Canyon Without A Tripod?

How do you take good pictures in Antelope Canyon?

In order to get the best light possible for your pictures in the canyon, use a slower shutter speed between 2 and 6 seconds. Because you’re keeping the shutter open for so long to let more light in, set the aperture anywhere between F11 to F18.

Are tripods allowed in Lower Antelope Canyon?

It’s a good idea to wear comfortable, sturdy running shoes or hiking boots – especially in the lower canyon. Unless you booked a photography tour (more on this later), it’s not allowed to bring a tripod or any other camera gear.

Is Antelope Canyon claustrophobic?

In Lower Antelope Canyon there are spots where you have to stop over rocks, etc., and spots where you must duck your head. The canyon didn’t feel claustrophobic with the light streaming in from the sky.

What is the best month to visit Antelope Canyon?

If you want to see the light beams, you will need to be in the canyon between 11 AM and 1:30 PM. The best months for the light beams are June, July and August. If you don’t care about the light beams and want to avoid the crowd, the best months to visit Antelope Canyon are from November to February.

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Can you take photos in Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is one of those places that you just want to photograph, even if it’s been done a million times. This place has been photographed so many times that there are dedicated photo tours for it, where the Navajo guides block other tourists from passing, so everyone can get their empty shot of the slot canyon.

Can I see Antelope Canyon without a tour?

No, the Antelope Canyon is protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation and only authorized tour companies can take visitors to the canyon. One cannot go alone; you have to be with an authorized tour company.

Is Antelope Canyon open?

Yes, we are open. The canyon is open for tours and ready to go. The slot canyons have been closed for over a year. On the 485th day of being closed, Antelope Canyon finally reopened.

How do you photograph a canyon?

Best option: Keep your aperture small (so the full canyon stays in focus) and your ISO speed low (to avoid graininess; see below), and use a tripod so you can slow your shutter speed as much as needed (usually to between 1/60 and 10 seconds).

What’s better Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon?

We go to Lower Antelope Canyon more often because it costs slightly less and usually has smaller crowds. Upper Antelope Canyon is more internationally famous and therefore busier. However Upper is better equipped to handle larger crowds than Lower during peak season in mid to late summer.

How far apart are Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend?

Just 7 Miles from Horseshoe Bend Find out why Antelope Canyon has become one of the most photographed slot canyons in the world. Known for their incredible rock formations, colors and lights there is something wonderful waiting for you no matter which canyon you choose.

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Can you go to Horseshoe Bend without a tour?

Short Answer: Yes! It is possible to visit Horseshoe Bend without a tour or guide. Many visitors to Horseshoe Bend make a point to see the neighboring Antelope Canyon, which requires you to book a tour through a certified Navajo tour company.

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