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Shipping Information

Shipping from stock | If not in stock | Outside the EU | Inside the EU | Shipping cost | Delivery time

TripodMarket provides fast and safe international delivery of products. Our contracted shipping agent partners are UPS (United Parcel Service of America, Inc.) and DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co). The parcel is always insured and the insurance fee is included in the shipping charge.
The proforma invoice can be downloaded instantly after completing the check-out of an order, the customer will also receive an e-mail automatically.
  The Customer's payment must be received within 5 working days from the date of sending the order confirmation, otherwise the order will be cancelled. An exception is the C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery: payment to be made when delivered) - but this payment method is only available in Germany and Hungary.
  Customers can collect information about any change in the status of an order in the "Track Order" section of our website. Shipping of a parcel and the parcel number will be specified in an email, whereby the route and arrival of the product can be followed. Delivery is made on working days, in working hours between 9am and 5pm according to the conditions of the shipping company.
  When ordering, please always give the name and telephone number of a contact person in the "Contact information", who can be reached by the carrier and who can accept the delivery or has the authority to organise to take the parcel, otherwise delivery may be difficult or it may even fail.
Please use only Latin characters when ordering. Delivery address cannot be a hotel address or a PO BOX.
For more information about conditions read the Terms of Use.

Shipping from stock

The "In Stock" sign at "Availability" of the products is an on-line stock information. Ordering from stock is made by reservation of the existing stock. (Note: adding a product to the "Cart" is not an order yet, therefore its reservation is completed only at the check-out!) When ordering, there is a default shipping method, cost and transit time referring to the destination country shown immediately at the "View cart" section. There is a shipping method with the lowest cost by default, but if there are more alternatives for the destination country, then the customer can change this in order to reduce transit time.
Despatching a parcel takes place on the day or one day after the payment has been received. In case of C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) despatching is on the day the order is confirmed or on the following business day.
Delay in delivery may occur, when large number of parcels has piled up or in case of a system error.

Shipping when a product availability is not 'In stock'

When a product is not 'In stock', the time given at the "Availability" section means the estimated time from the date of receiving the payment - covering that order- needed for the product to become available from stock in TripodMarket.

Different availability products

If an order contains products in stock as well as others that are not in stock and the price for products in stock exceeds the 50% of the total of the order or/and 1000 EURO (~1500 USD), then products from stock will be shipped to the customer independently of the rest of the order. Remaining items are considered as a separate order, but will be shipped free of charge after the arrival to our store.

Outside the EU – Without VAT

If the address of the customer and the destination country are located outside the EU, then prices are paid without VAT for products and shipping, too. The site shows prices without VAT automatically for visitors from countries outside the EU. If VAT is included in prices shown as cause of a system error, then orders can be made without VAT after choosing the correct destination country in the "View Cart" section. Local taxes, local duties or other liabilities must be paid in the destination country, where applicable.

Inside the EU

Without VAT
TripodMarket is able to ship without VAT to the following countries in the European Union:
Belgique/België, България, Česká republika, Danmark, Deutschland, Eesti, Éire/Ireland, Ελλάδα, España, France, Hrvatska, Italia, Κύπρος/Kıbrıs, Latvija, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederland, Österreich, Polska, Portugal, România, Slovenija, Slovensko, Suomi/Finland, Sverige, United Kingdom.

Customers may pay the total price for the ordered products and shipping without VAT to TripodMarket, if the customer (a person or company) possess a valid EU VAT number in one of the countries mentioned above and delivery is requested to the registered address* inside the EU.
EU VAT number can be submitted at the "View Cart" section. Until the date of confirmation of data validity, TripodMarket will not send a proforma invoice and the order is deemed unconfirmed. Confirmation usually takes place within a couple of hours (max. 24 hours) – until then no transfers covering the given order should be started to us. Confirmation and acceptance of the EU VAT number will be sent by an e-mail and the proforma invoice needed for the wire transfer will also be attached.
  Orders are considered accepted from the day of processing the payment received in our bank account. Products ordered from stock will be reserved for the customer for the confimation period of the EU VAT number and for 5 working days after the proforma invoice has been sent.
  If we refuse the EU VAT number we may offer the chance to ship the goods with the price including VAT.
TripodMarket reserves the right to refuse an EU VAT number without any explanation.
About application for an EU VAT number a local tax office may be there to give information.

* In case of returning customers or contracted dealers we may alter from the legally registered address at the shipping based on individual consideration

Purchase with VAT
Customers from the EU (persons or company), not possessing an EU VAT number accepted by TripodMarket, may purchase from our webstore with VAT. Prices inc. VAT are shown at the products, and VAT percentage and value are shown at the "View Cart" section.

Shipping cost

Shipping cost of products added to the 'Cart' is shown promptly after clicking on "View Cart", at its "Shipping method" part. The destination country of shipping is the country where You are at the present. The most friendly priced shipping method is the default, but if there are more alternatives to the given country, the customer can change it according to his or her demand. ("View Cart"-> "Shipping method ... [Change]").

Estimated delivery time (EDT)

If the products ordered are in stock, then the estimated delivery time (EDT) is:
    order processing time + transit time

If the product ordered is not in stock, then the EDT equals:
   time of availability + order processing time + transit time

Order processing time is 0-48 hours, calculated from the date of receiving the payment covering the confirmed order. Availability time is shown at products not 'In stock'.
Transit time at product added to the 'Cart' is shown at the "View Cart / Shipping method". If there are more available shipping methods, by choosing the appropriate one, transit time can be reduced (click [Change]).

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