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Raynox Wide Angle Lens

  ø37mm ø43mm ø52mm ø58mm ø62mm ø72mm
 0,79x            HDP-6000EX
0,7x      DCR-731
HD-7000Pro    HD-7062Pro  
0,66x    HD-6600Pro43 DCR-6600Pro
0,5x  HD-5050Pro
37;43mm adpt. rings)
0,3x     HD-3035Pro*1
43mm adapt. rings)
    MX-3000Pro*1 MX-3062Pro*1  
180°          DCR-FE181Pro*2
adapter rings)
  *1 Semi-Fisheye   |   *2  Fisheye (diagonal)
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Raynox MX-3062Pro Ultra Wideangle Sem...

168.00 USD
MX-3062PRO lens is specially designed to fit on SONY HDR-FX7/HVR-V1's 62mm filter threads directly. The lens provides an extra wideangle view. Compatible with HDR-FX7, HDR-FX7E, HVR-V1J, HVR-V1U, HVR-V1E, HVR-V1N HDV camcorders...
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Availability:   In stock

Raynox MX-3000Pro Ultra Wideangle Sem...

168.00 USD
The Raynox MX-3000PRO lens is equipped with the same lens as XL-3000PRO with a durable metal body, and attaches 58mm filter size camcorders directly without using anyadapter ring.
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Availability:   In stock

Raynox DCR-732 Wideangle Conversion Lens

89.00 USD
The Raynox DCR-732 wideangle conversion lens corresponds with the DCR-731, the only difference between the two is the size of one of the included adapter rings.
  • Magnification: Nominal 0.7x
  • Mounting thread: 52mm
  • 3-adapter rings for 37mm, 43mm and 46mm filter sizes
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Availability:   In stock

Raynox HD-5050PRO Super Wideangle Con...

142.00 USD
The model HD-5050PRO/HD-5050PRO-LE Super Wideangle conversion lens is designed to broaden the angle of view, including 100% more area in the picture, when attached to the lens of Digital Video Camcorder. Its compatible with the whole zoom area and stays in focus*.   The HD-5050PRO/HD-5050PRO-LE is made of high-index optical glass elements with new concept of lens designing using three-group/four-element lens formula. This new concept in designing the...
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Availability:   In stock
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